Meet Joel

Disneyland - December 2011
I AM A TEACHER. Really, I create art but I identify as an educator. As I begin student teaching at Cardiff Junior High in Katy, Texas I am open for a shift in identity but for today, Hello I am Mr. Holmes.

My love for simplicity drives my current work. It took almost my entire education to reach this clarity but regardless, minimalism is where it's at. I am inspired by the power of a single line and how this element of design can be used to create awe-inspiring compositions. From cityscapes to very personal and intimate moments, I find myself captivated by space unaffected by living interaction. The objects in a scene can be so differently perceived without human or animal interaction coming into play. This truth causes me to react in a way that find surprising and at times delightful.

I also find repurposing objects fascinating. Wether constructing an entirely new object or just refinishing something and giving it new life the art of recycling is inspiring.

With that said I reserve the right to completely change my focus tomorrow. One of the many joys of being an educator rather than an artist, is the ability to continue to learn everyday at the side of the worlds most creative minds. A child is uninhibited and thus able to take risks that an adult might back away from. While I am naturally drawn to mediums such as Painting, Printmaking or Ceramics; I am always eager to try and learn something new. Life experience has taught me that everything can change in moment and all we can do is live in that moment and choose how to respond.
Léni, Maggi and Jackson - My kiddos and the reason I smile everyday!

Here's to celebrating past work and eagerly anticipating what the future will bring!

This tattoo is very personal and
ultimately a summation of
my attitude toward God and